Deltoxenos cf. bequaerti, male, cephalotheca, photomicrographs A frontal view B lateral view. Abbreviations: a – vestigial antenna, cl – clypeus, coe – compound eye, dlf – dorsal field of labral area, fi – frontal impression, fr – frontal region, gn – gena, hyp – hypopharynx, md – mandible, mdc – mandibular capsule (clypeal origin), mx – vestige of maxilla (maxilla), ob – occipital bulge, os – mouth opening, pom – postmentum, prm – praementum, ssf – supra-antennal sensillary field, vlf – ventral labral field of area.

  Part of: Benda D, Pohl H, Nakase Y, Beutel R, Straka J (2022) A generic classification of Xenidae (Strepsiptera) based on the morphology of the female cephalothorax and male cephalotheca with a preliminary checklist of species. ZooKeys 1093: 1-134.