Tachytixenos cf. indicus Pierce, female, cephalothorax, SEM micrographs A anterior part of cephalothorax, ventral side B anterior part of cephalothorax, dorsal side C mouthparts, ventral side D detail of anterior border of cephalothorax, ventral side E right mandible and maxilla, ventral side F left mandible and maxilla, ventral side. Abbreviations: bcm – brood canal membrane, md – mandible, mdt – mandibular tooth, mdts – spine of mandibular tooth.

  Part of: Benda D, Pohl H, Nakase Y, Beutel R, Straka J (2022) A generic classification of Xenidae (Strepsiptera) based on the morphology of the female cephalothorax and male cephalotheca with a preliminary checklist of species. ZooKeys 1093: 1-134. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1093.72339