Neighbor-Joining tree of Gelechia omelkoi sp. nov. and nearest European and North American Gelechia spp. in BOLD, with the generic type species Gelechia rhombella as outgroup (Kimura 2-parameter, constructed with MEGA 6 cf. Tamura et al. 2013), only sequences >500 bp considered. The scale bar only applies to internal branches between species. Width of triangles represents sample size, depth represents genetic variation within the cluster. Source: DNA Barcode data from BOLD (Barcode of Life Database, cf. Ratnasingham and Hebert 2007).

  Part of: Bidzilya O, Huemer P, Landry J-F, Šumpich J (2021) Gelechia omelkoi sp. nov. – a new species from the Russian Altai Mountains related to the Nearctic Gelechia mandella Busck, 1904 (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae), with a synopsis of Gelechia from the Altai Republic of Russia. ZooKeys 1063: 105-120.