Lilioceris lilii, copulating pair. Volume rendering of the virtual sections right to the median, digitally stained. The terminal part of the spermathecal duct can be seen immediately left to the bursa wall. The shape of the bursa is nearly globular. B: bursa copulatrix; C: the compound muscle inserting at the manubrium and extending to the lateral rims of the basal orifice of the median lobe; E: endophallus; M: median lobe.

  Part of: Schmitt M, Uhl G (2015) Functional morphology of the copulatory organs of a reed beetle and a shining leaf beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Donaciinae, Criocerinae) using X-ray micro-computed tomography. In: Jolivet P, Santiago-Blay J, Schmitt M (Eds) Research on Chrysomelidae 5. ZooKeys 547: 193–203.