Premature stages of Micrurapteryx baranchikovi sp. nov. and pupation sites A, C, E mature larva before pupation [dorsal (A), ventral (C), lateral (E)] B, D, F pupa in few a hours after pupation [dorsal (B), ventral (D), lateral (F)] G cocoon H most common pupation site on the lower side of the leaf next to/or along the midrib. Rare pupation sites: J on the basis of the leaf K inside the leaf mine along the midrib L on legume surface M pupal exuviae protruding from cocoon. Arrows show the cocoon. Scale bars: 1.5 mm (A–F), 1.2 mm (G), 7 mm (H–L), 2.5 mm (M).

  Part of: Kirichenko NI, Akulov EN, Triberti P, Belokobylskij SA (2021) A new species of Micrurapteryx (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) feeding on Thermopsis lanceolata (Fabaceae) in southern Siberia and its hymenopterous parasitoids. ZooKeys 1061: 131-163.