Maximum Likelihood tree showing the proximity of COI barcode sequences of Micrurapteryx baranchikovi sp. nov. (indicated in red) to other Micrurapteryx species. Each specimen is indicated by the BOLD process ID, followed by species name, country (CA Canada, FI Finland, FR France, IT Italy, RU Russia), and the GenBank accession number. Bootstrap values are indicated next to the corresponding branches. BIN numbers are given next to each cluster. The host plants are indicated in green; for the cases with no host plant species recorded, the list of host plant genera is provided in square parentheses (as per De Prins and De Prins 2021).

  Part of: Kirichenko NI, Akulov EN, Triberti P, Belokobylskij SA (2021) A new species of Micrurapteryx (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) feeding on Thermopsis lanceolata (Fabaceae) in southern Siberia and its hymenopterous parasitoids. ZooKeys 1061: 131-163.