Color rendered three-dimensional model of Gloydius lipipengi sp. nov. (holotype, IVPP OV 2720) A dorsal view B palatal view, mandibles not shown C lateral view. Abbreviations: bo, basioccipital; bs, basisphenoid; col, columella; cp, compound bone; d, dentary; ecp, ectopterygoid; exo, exoccipital; f, frontal; na, nasal; ma, maxilla; p, parietal; pcr, prearticular crest of compound bone; pfr, prefrontal; pmx, premaxilla; po, postorbital; pp, palatine process of maxilla; pro, prootic; psp, parasphenoid rostrum; pt, pterygoid; sac, surangular crest of compound bone; spm; septomaxilla; so, supraoccipital; sp, splenial; st, supratemporal; v, vomer. Conducted by Ye-Mao Hou and Jingsong Shi.

  Part of: Shi J-S, Liu J-C, Giri R, Owens JB, Santra V, Kuttalam S, Selvan M, Guo K-J, Malhotra A (2021) Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus Gloydius (Squamata, Viperidae, Crotalinae), with description of two new alpine species from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. ZooKeys 1061: 87-108.