The designated lectotype for G. elatus Sharp, 1882 (BMNH). a head and pronotum (2.1 mm long, maximum width 6.5 mm) in dorsal view b ventral view (body length 14.0 mm) c penis in dorsal view (2.8 mm, long 0.55 mm width) d penis in lateral view e central penis lobe with concave dorsal margin f entire genitalia with parameres surrounding the penis g lappets of aedeagal ring.

  Part of: Holmgren S, Angus R, Jia F, Chen Z-n, Bergsten J (2016) Resolving the taxonomic conundrum in Graphoderus of the east Palearctic with a key to all species (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae). ZooKeys 574: 113-142.