Genitalia in dorsal view (photo), with detailed lateral view of penis apex (line drawing) of all Graphoderus species. a–b G. adamsii c–d G. austriacus e–f G. bieneri g–h G. bilineatus i–j G. cinereus k–l G. elatus [dorsal view, processed by E. Binkiewicz] m–n G. fascicollis o–p G. liberus q–r G. manitobensis s–t G. occidentalis u–v G. perplexus [dorsal view, processed by E. Binkiewicz] w–x G. zonatus.

  Part of: Holmgren S, Angus R, Jia F, Chen Z-n, Bergsten J (2016) Resolving the taxonomic conundrum in Graphoderus of the east Palearctic with a key to all species (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae). ZooKeys 574: 113-142.