Ventral view showing the epipleural width. a–b G. zonatus c–e G. perplexus and f–h G. elatus. Specimens from Sweden (a), France (b), USA (c Lectotype of G. perplexus), Canada, Quebec (d), Red River Am. Bor. (e paralectotype of G. elatus), Amurland Russia (f Lectotype G. elatus), Gangca China (g), “Manchuria” Weymarn coll. (h). The species differ in the epipleural width especially at level of abdominal ventrites I-III.

  Part of: Holmgren S, Angus R, Jia F, Chen Z-n, Bergsten J (2016) Resolving the taxonomic conundrum in Graphoderus of the east Palearctic with a key to all species (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae). ZooKeys 574: 113-142.