Fiorinia phantasma, second-instar male, Miami-Dade Co., Miami, November 9, 2019, on Palmae, O. Garcia, (2019-6149). Abbreviations: a) antenna; b) large microduct; c) small microduct; d) large gland spine; e) small macroduct; f) enlargement of communal duct ; g) enlargement of pygidium; h) large microduct; j) enlargement of part of duct cluster.

  Part of: Ahmed MZ, Moore MR, Rohrig EA, McKenzie CL, Liu D, Feng J, Normark BB, Miller DR (2021) Taxonomic and identification review of adventive Fiorinia Targioni Tozzetti (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Diaspididae) of the United States. ZooKeys 1065: 141-203.