Omobrachyiulus ponticus sp. nov., gonopods of ♂ holotype A left gonopods, mesal view B right promere, caudal view C right opisthomere, mesal view D same, caudo-lateral view E distal part of the same aspect. Scale bars: 0.1 mm. Abbreviations: abs anterior branch of solenomere, al apicolateral part of mesomeroidal lobe, ao apical outgrowth of basoposterior process, ap anterior process, bpp basoposterior process, dml distomesal lobe, f flagellum, fc flagellum channel, ml mesomeroidal lobe, mr median ridge, p promere, pbs posterior branch of solenomere, s solenomere.

  Part of: Vagalinski B, Golovatch SI (2021) The millipede tribe Brachyiulini in the Caucasus (Diplopoda, Julida, Julidae). ZooKeys 1058: 1-127.