Amblyiulus georgicus Lohmander, 1932, ♂ from Shnokh, Armenia (ZMUM) (A–D) or holotype ♂, after Lohmander (1932) (E, F). A gonopod, mesal view B promere, caudal view C posterior gonopod, caudal view D end of solenomere, mesal view E promere, caudal view F posterior gonopod, lateral view. Abbreviations: ap anterior process cl caudomesal lamella fo fovea ld lateral denticle md mesal denticle mr mesal ridge ms mesomeral process op opisthomere pr promere r rod sl solenomere. Scale bars: 0.1 mm (A–C); 0.01 mm (D); not to scale (E, F).

  Part of: Evsyukov AP, Golovatch SI, Antić DŽ (2021) The millipede genera Amblyiulus Silvestri, 1896 and Syrioiulus Verhoeff, 1914 in the Caucasus, with notes on their distributions (Diplopoda, Julida, Julidae). ZooKeys 1048: 109-143.