Altitudinal distribution (mean ± SD) of 286 populations of Tetrix bipunctata (green) and kraussi (orange) segmented for five Central European countries and eight Federal States in Germany. Regions are grouped along the north-south axis, NL = The Netherlands, DE = Germany: DE MV = Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DE BB = Brandenburg, DE ST = Sachsen-Anhalt, DE SN = Sachsen, DE TH = Thüringen, DE HE = Hessen, DE BW = Baden-Württemberg, DE BY = Bayern, AT = Austria, CH = Switzerland, IT = Italy, SL = Slovenia.

  Part of: Moser V, Baur H, Lehmann AW, Lehmann GUC (2021) Two species? – Limits of the species concepts in the pygmy grasshoppers of the Tetrix bipunctata complex (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae). ZooKeys 1043: 33-59.