Boxplots of body ratios of 273 females of Tetrix bipunctata and kraussi A hind wing length to mid-femur length, the ratio selected by the LDA ratio extractor as the best ratio for separating the morphs B hind wing length to tegmen length, the standard ratio used for discrimination C tegmen length to hind femur length, the second best ratio found by the LDA ratio extractor (actually the best ratio when hind wing length is omitted). Means in all plots significantly different (ANOVA, p < 0.001).

  Part of: Moser V, Baur H, Lehmann AW, Lehmann GUC (2021) Two species? – Limits of the species concepts in the pygmy grasshoppers of the Tetrix bipunctata complex (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae). ZooKeys 1043: 33-59.