Chordodes ferox: a posterior end of female with terminal cloacal opening (co) b ventral view of posterior end of male with ventral cloacal opening (co) and precloacal bristlefields (pbf)c enlargement of bristles in the precloacal bristlefields d clusters of crowned areoles with long apical filaments (encircled) along both sides of the ventral midline (vml) in a female e overview of the ventral side of a female showing the distribution of clusters of crowned areoles with long (oval with unbroken line) and short (circle with broken line) apical filaments f clusters of crowned areoles in center and surrounding circum-cluster areoles (entire cluster encircled). SEM images: Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa a, f from ZMH13366 b, c from ZMH13363 d, e from ZMH13364.

  Part of: Schmidt-Rhaesa A, Perissinotto R (2016) Chordodes ferox, a new record of horsehair worms (Nematomorpha, Gordiida) from South Africa. ZooKeys 566: 1-11.