Phylogeny of Tityus representatives from South America obtained by analysis of DNA sequences (12S rDNA, 16S rDNA, 28S rDNA, Cytochrome c Oxidase I), showing distribution of the characters states exhibited by the female basal pectinal piece (orange: GR absent; grey: medium-sized GR; turquoise: relatively large GR; blue: very large GR) across different Tityus subgenera and species-groups. Boxes on branches and associated values correspond to ultrafast-bootstrap (Ubst) values. Observations= Tityus (Tityus) spelaeus sp. nov. is marked in bold. Abbreviations= GR, glandular region.

  Part of: Moreno-González JA, Pinto-da-Rocha R, Gallão JE (2021) Bringing order to a complex system: phenotypic and genotypic evidence contribute to the taxonomy of Tityus (Scorpiones, Buthidae) and support the description of a new species. ZooKeys 1075: 33-75.