Orobdella naraharaetmagarum sp. n., holotype, KUZ Z1652. A Dorsal view of reproductive system including ventral nervous system. B Dorsal (including positions of ganglia XI and XII), C lateral, and D ventral views of male atrium. E Dorsal view of female reproductive system including position of ganglion XIII. Scale bars: 2 mm (A), 0.5 mm (B–D) and 0.25 mm (E). Abbreviations: ac, atrial cornua; at, atrium; cod, common oviduct; ed, ejaculatory duct; ep, epididymis; gp, gastropore; od, oviduct; ov, ovisac; and ts, testisac.

  Part of: Nakano T (2016) A new quadrannulate species of Orobdella (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Orobdellidae) from western Honshu, Japan. ZooKeys 553: 33-51. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.553.6723