Fruits and galls produced by Epicephala species on Glochidion obovatum. A Fruit produced after pollination by E. obovatella (Tomogashima, Wakayama) B Gall induced on female flower by E. corruptrix (Takae, Okinawa) C Cross section of the gall induced by E. corruptrix. Arrow indicates the galled locule with feeding trace of Epicephala larva. Note that the irregularly developed ovules of the galled locule have merged indistinguishablly to septa. Scale bar 2 mm.

  Part of: Kawakita A, Kato M (2016) Revision of the Japanese species of Epicephala Meyrick with descriptions of seven new species (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae). ZooKeys 568: 87-118.