Nusatidia changao sp. nov., female paratype and male holotype, epigyne (A–D), male habitus (E, F) and female habitus (G, H) A intact, ventral view B cleared, ventral view C cleared, dorsal view D cleared, dorsal view; path of copulatory duct marked E dorsal view F lateral view G dorsal view H ventral view. Abbreviations: BS = bursa; CD = copulatory duct (dashed line showing schematic course of copulatory duct, dorsal); CO = copulatory opening; FD = fertilization duct; SP = spermatheca. Scale bars: 0.10 mm (equal for A–D); 1 mm (equal for E, F, equal for G, H).

  Part of: Zhang J, Yu H, Li S (2021) On the clubionid spiders (Araneae, Clubionidae) from Xishuangbanna, China, with descriptions of two new genera and seven new species. ZooKeys 1062: 73-122.