Scanning electron micrographs of female antennae A, C Trolicaphyllium sarrameaense comb. nov. B, D Chitoniscus sensu stricto A, B overview of the antenna, medial view A right antenna B left antenna C, D third antennomere. Abbreviations: a1–a9, antennomeres 1–9 st stridulatory file, sr stridulatory ridge. Scale bars: 300 µm (A, B), 200 µm (C, D).

  Part of: Cumming RT, Tirant SL, Büscher TH (2021) Resolving a century-old case of generic mistaken identity: polyphyly of Chitoniscus sensu lato resolved with the description of the endemic New Caledonia Trolicaphyllium gen. nov. (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae). ZooKeys 1055: 1-41.