Trolicaphyllium erosus comb. nov. syntype female originally from the collection of Brunner von Wattenwyl, then passed on to Redtenbacher, now deposited in NHMW. Photographs by Harald Bruckner (NHMW) A habitus, dorsal (scale bar only representative of this image) B habitus, ventral C genitalia detail, ventral D details of the front legs, head, and thorax, dorsal E specimen data labels.

  Part of: Cumming RT, Tirant SL, B├╝scher TH (2021) Resolving a century-old case of generic mistaken identity: polyphyly of Chitoniscus sensu lato resolved with the description of the endemic New Caledonia Trolicaphyllium gen. nov. (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae). ZooKeys 1055: 1-41.