Illustrations of freshly hatched nymphs for comparison, dorsal habitus. Illustrations by Liz Sisk (USA). Nymph size is approximated to be relative to each other based upon the few photographs available but is only an estimate A Trolicaphyllium sarrameaense comb. nov.; overall nymph length from head to tip of abdomen approximately 7 mm (Größer 2008b); illustration based upon photographs from Detlef Größer (Germany) B Chitoniscus sp. “Suva’’ based upon images supplied by Mayk de Haan (Belgium).

  Part of: Cumming RT, Tirant SL, Büscher TH (2021) Resolving a century-old case of generic mistaken identity: polyphyly of Chitoniscus sensu lato resolved with the description of the endemic New Caledonia Trolicaphyllium gen. nov. (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae). ZooKeys 1055: 1-41.