Comparisons of the topologies of the mitochondrial rRNA 16S (left) and ddRAD-seq (right) for members of the Ptychadena neumanni species complex. Type specimens are indicated in red in the 16S phylogeny. Red lines indicate clades that differ in their placement between 16S and ddRAD-seq, however, the assignment of individuals to a particular species is identical between datasets. Numbers at nodes represent posterior support (pp), while black dots represent nodes with posterior support of 1.

  Part of: Reyes-Velasco J, Goutte S, Freilich X, Boissinot S (2021) Mitogenomics of historical type specimens clarifies the taxonomy of Ethiopian Ptychadena Boulenger, 1917 (Anura, Ptychadenidae). ZooKeys 1070: 135-149.