Map of Ethiopia showing localities of individuals in the Ptychadena neumanni species complex used in this study. Samples with genetic data are represented by different colored circles (P. neumanni species group) or triangles (P. erlangeri species group). Stars depict the approximate type localities of P. neumanni (red), P. erlangeri (grey), and P. nana (white). A black star represents Addis Ababa, the type locality of P. largeni, a junior synonym of P. erlangeri. The approximate route of Oscar Neumann and Carlo von Erlanger’s 1900 expedition in Abyssinia, during which the type specimens of all the above species were collected (except for P. largeni) is represented by a dashed line. Black arrow indicates the likely correct type locality for P. erlangeri as suggested by the authors (see Discussion).

  Part of: Reyes-Velasco J, Goutte S, Freilich X, Boissinot S (2021) Mitogenomics of historical type specimens clarifies the taxonomy of Ethiopian Ptychadena Boulenger, 1917 (Anura, Ptychadenidae). ZooKeys 1070: 135-149.