Bayesian tree of the genus Zospeum. Node support values of both the Bayesian Inference (front) and the Maximum Likelihood analysis (back) are given. Branches are coloured to denote the informal species groups within the eastern radiation of Zospeum following Inäbnit et al. (2019). Coloured sample names indicate specimens not included in the tree in Inäbnit et al. (2019): blue: Austrian specimens from Kruckenhauser et al. (2019); dark green: Zospeum troglobalcanicum; light green: Zospeum simplex sp. nov.

  Part of: Inäbnit T, Jochum A, Slapnik R, Neubert E (2021) New genetic data reveals a new species of Zospeum in Bosnia (Gastropoda, Ellobioidea, Carychiinae). ZooKeys 1071: 175-193.