Eremobittacus spinulatus Byers. 1 Male habitus, lateral view 2 Female habitus, lateral view 3 Male genitalia, dorsal view 4 Female genitalia, lateral view 5 Male genitalia, ventral view 6 Same, lateral view. Abbreviations: aed, aedeagus; bs, basistyle; cr, cerci; ds, dististyle; ea, epiandrial appendage; spa, supra-anal plate (= XI tergum); suba, sub-anal plate (= XI sternum); sg, subgenital plate; roman number denotes abdominal segments.

  Part of: Villagomez F, Contreras-Ramos A, Marquez-L√≥pez Y (2015) Rediscovery of Eremobittacus spinulatus Byers (Mecoptera, Bittacidae) in Mexico, with description of the female and comments on sexual dimorphism and potential mimicry. ZooKeys 539: 111-117.