Moroccan habitat of Psychoda gemina (Eaton, 1904): A Daya Fifi, bog on siliceous sol, predominant vegetation: Quercus canariensis, Quercus pyrenaica, Cistus salviifolius, Euphorbia characias B Oued Zarka, waterfall and pool with the dominance of moss covering the rocks C Oued AĆ¢yaden, river of the high course on a limestone sol with dominance of Pistachia lentiscus, Cistus sp., Nerium oleander and moss on the roc D Douar Kitane, farm with Arondo donax, Midicago sativa, Inula viscose and mosses. Photographs by BB.

  Part of: Afzan H, Belqat B (2016) Faunistic and bibliographical inventory of the Psychodinae moth-flies of North Africa (Diptera, Psychodidae). ZooKeys 558: 119-145.