Morphometric differences between 60 (in a) and 59 (in b) specimens of Hydrobius. Two characters are plotted against each other in each figure with convex hulls used to show overlap in the data between morphotypes. Type specimens and specimens of H. f. subrotundus and H. f. fuscipes collected in sympatry (Rinn = locality Rinnleiret (Norway) and Mot = Motzen (Germany)) are labeled. a Curvature of paramere tip plotted against width of paramere in dorsal view. X-axis is in logarithmic scale b Width of paramere in lateral view plotted against the ratio robustness of paramere in dorsal view. Y-axis is in logarithmic scale.

  Part of: Fossen EI, Ekrem T, Nilsson AN, Bergsten J (2016) Species delimitation in northern European water scavenger beetles of the genus Hydrobius (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae). ZooKeys 564: 71-120.