Amphictene alata sp. n., drawn from holotype MBM283388. A ventral view of anterior end B lateral view of anterior end C dorsal view of posterior end D ventral view of notochaeta 1 E ventral view of notochaeta, chaetiger 2 F dorsal view of notochaeta, chaetiger 2 G lateral view of neurochaeta uncinus. Scale bars: 1 mm (A–C); 50 μm (D–F); 5 μm (G). Abbreviations for morphological characters have been defined in Material and methods.

  Part of: Zhang J, Zhang Y, Qiu J-W (2015) A new species of Amphictene (Annelida, Pectinariidae) from the northern South China Sea. ZooKeys 545: 27-36.