A Migaya sp. 3 mm B Siphopteron makisig 3 mm C Siphopteron sp. 3 mm (photograph by Will Malsukum) D Philine orca 3 mm E Aplysia kurodai 30 mm (photograph by Geoffrey Chamayou) F Aplysia nigrocincta 9 mm G Bursatella cf. ocelligera 65 mm (photograph by Elouise Haskin) H Stylocheilus longicauda 45 mm (photograph by Kirsty Magson) I Stylocheilus striatus 29 mm J Berthella cf. caledonica 10 mm K Berthella martensi 60 mm (photograph by Paddy Steele) L Pleurobranchus forskalii 130 mm (photograph by Tine Kvamme).

  Part of: Mehrotra R, Caballer GutiĆ©rrez MA, Scott CM, Arnold S, Monchanin C, Viyakarn V, Chavanich S (2021) An updated inventory of sea slugs from Koh Tao, Thailand, with notes on their ecology and a dramatic biodiversity increase for Thai waters. ZooKeys 1042: 73-188. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1042.64474