Maximum-likelihood tree from 12S sequences of two Spinoncaea species from the Pacific (WP, EP) and species of a clade including Monothula and the ivlevi-tregoubovi lineage as defined by Böttger-Schnack and Huys (2001). Sequences of compared species were obtained from GenBank as analysed by Böttger-Schnack and Machida (2011) and for the outgroup Neocalanus flemingeri by Machida and Tsuda (2010). Bootstrap values from 1000 replications.

  Part of: Cho K, Park C, Böttger-Schnack R (2021) Taxonomy of three species of the genus Spinoncaea (Copepoda, Oncaeidae) in the North Pacific Ocean with focus on morphological variability. ZooKeys 1043: 147-191.