Diagnostic characters of male holotype of Archaeopodagrion mayi A pronotum, dorsal view B pronotum, lateral view C caudal appendages, dorsal view D caudal appendages, lateral view E genital ligula, ventral view. Caudal appendages might show postmortem distortions. Abbreviations: anterior lobe (al), middle lobe (ml), posterior lobe (pl), pronotal lobe (prl).

  Part of: Amaya-Vallejo V, Bota-Sierra C, Novelo-GutiĆ©rrez R, Sanchez-Herrera M (2021) Two new species of Archaeopodagrion (Odonata, Philogeniidae) from the western foothills of the Tropical Andes, with biological observations and distributional records. ZooKeys 1036: 21-38. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1036.64230