Variation in morphology in the male I. A, B habitus males with different colour pattern on femora III and IV A Greece, Marathonas B Portugal C–E Different sizes of palp in ventral view C France, Savoy D Italy, Siena E Greece, Marathonas F–I palp, ventral view, the variation of the retrolateral tibial apophysis and the tibial apophysis F Greece, West Macedonia G Czech Republic, Brno H, I Italy, Tuscany J–M retrolateral view of the palp, variation in the retrolateral tibial apophysis J Czech Republic, Brno K Greece, Attiki L Italy, Siena M Greece, west Macedonia.

  Part of: Urfer K, Spasojevic T, Klopfstein S, Baur H, Lasut L, Kropf C (2021) Incongruent molecular and morphological variation in the crab spider Synema globosum (Araneae, Thomisidae) in Europe. ZooKeys 1078: 107-134.