Variation in morphology in the female. A–D opisthosoma, dorsal view, colour and black pattern variation E–G white stripe on the ventral side of opisthosoma E Greece, Peloponnese F Italy, Tuscany G Greece, west Macedonia H–J variation in the vulva H Greece, Marathonas I France, Savoy J Greece, west Macedonia K epigyne of the specimen from J with very deep hood. Abbreviations: cd = copulatory duct, rs = receptaculum seminis, fd = fertilisation duct, ho = hood.

  Part of: Urfer K, Spasojevic T, Klopfstein S, Baur H, Lasut L, Kropf C (2021) Incongruent molecular and morphological variation in the crab spider Synema globosum (Araneae, Thomisidae) in Europe. ZooKeys 1078: 107-134.