Bayesian majority rule consensus tree for CO1. The analysis included 72 individuals of Synema globosum and eight outgroup sequences. Node supports represent Bayesian posterior probabilities/ML bootstrap support based on 1,000 replicates; colours correspond to the three distinct clades. The specimen labels contain country information after the specimen number. Four different symbols before each specimen correspond to the states of four scored morphological traits; circles indicate the colour of the opisthosoma, squares the number of teeth on the prolateral claw of leg one, upside triangles the percentage of white colour starting at the base of leg IV in males, downside triangles the entrance state of the vulval hood; black filled symbols indicate a not applicable state (NA).

  Part of: Urfer K, Spasojevic T, Klopfstein S, Baur H, Lasut L, Kropf C (2021) ´╗┐Incongruent molecular and morphological variation in the crab spider Synema globosum (Araneae, Thomisidae) in Europe. ZooKeys 1078: 107-134.