Adults of Loxoneptera spp. 2 L. hampsoni nom. nov., male (Tibet) 3 L. hampsoni nom. nov., female (Hainan) 4 L. albicostalis, male (Yunnan) 5 L. crassiuncata sp. nov., paratype, male (Yunnan) 6 L. carnealis, male (Yunnan) 7 L. triangularis sp. nov., holotype, male (Yunnan) 8 L. rectacerosa sp. nov., holotype, male (Yunnan) 9 L. medialis, male (Guangdong). Scale bars: 5.0 mm.

  Part of: Xiang L, Chen K, Zhang D (2021) Revision and phylogeny of the genus Loxoneptera Hampson, 1896 (Lepidoptera, Crambidae, Pyraustinae), based on morphology and molecular data. ZooKeys 1036: 75-98.