Glomeridesmus siamensis sp. nov., body-rings A, B, D juvenile paratype (ZFMK MYR10304) A habitus, lateral view, arrow indicates drawn out lateral tip of tergite B detail of tergite margin, latero-ventral view, arrow indicates striae on tergite C male holotype (ZCSWU Myr D000011), endotergum, arrow indicates posterior margin of tergite D posterior body-rings, lateral view, arrows indicate teeth on posterior margin of tergite. Abbreviations: co = collum, Lt = pleurite, te = tergite, tel = telson. Scale bars: 500 µm (A), 100 µm (B, C), 50 µm (D).

  Part of: Wesener T, Wongthamwanich N, Moritz L (2021) Description of the first species of Glomeridesmida from Thailand (Diplopoda, Glomeridesmida, Glomeridesmidae). ZooKeys 1024: 137-156.