Glomeridesmus siamensis sp. nov., male holotype (ZCSWU Myr D000011), legs, SEM A leg 1, posterior view B leg 1, tarsus, arrow indicated parasitic fungi C leg 2 with gonopore, posterior view D leg 2, tarsus E leg 34, posterior view F leg 34, tarsus G sensory leg (leg 35), posterior view H sensory leg (leg 35), detail of podomeres, arrow indicated dent in podomere I. Abbreviations: I–III = podomeres, as = apical spine, cl = claw, cx = coxa, fe = femur, gp = gonopore, pn = paronychium, pof = postfemur, prf = prefemur, sp = spine, st = sternite, ta = tarsus, ti = tibia, v = stigmatic plate. Scale bars: 100 µm (A, C, E, G), 20 µm (B), 10 µm (D, F), 50 µm (H).

  Part of: Wesener T, Wongthamwanich N, Moritz L (2021) Description of the first species of Glomeridesmida from Thailand (Diplopoda, Glomeridesmida, Glomeridesmidae). ZooKeys 1024: 137-156.