Bathydorus poculum sp. nov., holotype NIWA 126338, distribution, skeleton, and morphology A distribution in New Zealand waters B holotype in situ (scale bar approximate) C dermal (upper) and atrial (lower) sides of the preserved main part of the collected fragment D magnified area of the oscular margin, showing the atrial surface curving out over the dermal surface E dermal surface with dense prostal diactins F atrial surface with similarly dense prostal diactins. Image B captured by ROV Team GEOMAR, ROV Kiel 6000 onboard RV Sonne (voyage SO254), courtesy of Project PoribacNewZ, GEOMAR, and ICBM.

  Part of: Reiswig HM, Dohrmann M, Kelly M, Mills S, Schupp PJ, W├Ârheide G (2021) Rossellid glass sponges (Porifera, Hexactinellida) from New Zealand waters, with description of one new genus and six new species. ZooKeys 1060: 33-84.