Geosesarma sodalis sp. nov., holotype male (10.1 × 9.8 mm) (ZRC 2020.0413), Sarawak A dorsal view of right cheliped B outer view of right chela C subdorsal view of left chela D inner view of right chela E right third ambulatory leg F right fourth ambulatory leg G pleonal somites 2–6 and telson H left G1 (ventral view) I left G1 (ventral view) J distal part of left G1 (ventral view) K distal part of left G1 (ventral view).

  Part of: Ng PKL (2021) Geosesarma sodalis, a new species of vampire crab (Crustacea, Brachyura, Sesarmidae) from a limestone cave in central Sarawak, Malaysia. ZooKeys 1031: 133-141.