Female reproductive tract of Theprisa spp., ventral view A T. otway B T. convexa C T. montana D T. australis. Abbreviations: bc, bursa copulatrix; co, common oviduct; dgd, defensive gland efferent duct; gc, gonocoxa; hg, hindgut; hs, helminthoid sclerite; sd, spermathecal duct; sg, spermathecal gland; sgd, spermathecal gland duct; sgs, spermathecal gland stem; sp, spermatheca; v, vagina. Scale bars: 0.50 mm.

  Part of: Liebherr JK, Porch N, Shaw M, Sinclair BE, Maddison DR (2021) Systematic revision of the trans-Bassian moriomorphine genus Theprisa Moore (Coleoptera, Carabidae). In: Spence J, Casale A, Assmann T, Liebherr JК, Penev L (Eds) Systematic Zoology and Biodiversity Science: A tribute to Terry Erwin (1940-2020). ZooKeys 1044: 339-373. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1044.62335