Segments T1-T3. a Ceratitis fasciventris b Ceratitis anonae c Ceratitis rosa R1, Kenya d Ceratitis rosa R2, Kenya e Ceratitis rosa R1, S. Africa, Nelspruit f Ceratitis rosa R2, S. Africa, Pretoria g Ceratitis rosa R2, S. Africa, Stellenbosch h Ceratitis capitata, Guatemala. Abbreviations: T1, T2, T3 thoracic segments 1 to 3, ds dorsal spinules.

  Part of: Steck GJ, Ekesi S (2015) Description of third instar larvae of Ceratitis fasciventris, C. anonae, C. rosa (FAR complex) and C. capitata (Diptera, Tephritidae). In: De Meyer M, Clarke AR, Vera MT, Hendrichs J (Eds) Resolution of Cryptic Species Complexes of Tephritid Pests to Enhance SIT Application and Facilitate International Trade. ZooKeys 540: 443-466.