Left elytron of Tasmanitachoides A T. kingi, voucher V101468 B T. angulicollis, voucher DNA5515 C T. wilsoni, voucher V101470 D T. baehri, voucher V101479 E T. lutus, voucher V101462 F T. katherinei, voucher V101475 G T. cf. gerdi, voucher DNA5676 H T. sp. “Angle Crossing #1”, voucher DNA5677 J T. obliquiceps, voucher V101477 K T. mandibularis, voucher V101473.

  Part of: Maddison DR, Porch N (2021) A preliminary phylogeny and review of the genus Tasmanitachoides, with descriptions of two new species (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidarenini). In: Spence J, Casale A, Assmann T, Liebherr JК, Penev L (Eds) Systematic Zoology and Biodiversity Science: A tribute to Terry Erwin (1940-2020). ZooKeys 1044: 153-196. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1044.62253