2 Acronymolpus turbo sp. n. A habitus view of paratype, body length 3.0 mm B apical oblique view of paratype, showing apical explanate spoon-like terminations 3 Acronymolpus gressitti sp. n., habitus view of holotype, body length 2.35 mm 4 Acronymolpus meteorus sp. n. habitus view of holotype, body length 2.6 mm.

  Part of: Samuelson GA (2015) Acronymolpus, a new genus of Eumolpinae, endemic to New Caledonia (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae). In: Jolivet P, Santiago-Blay J, Schmitt M (Eds) Research on Chrysomelidae 5. ZooKeys 547: 93–102. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.547.9698