Belarima violacea (Lucas) 2 habitus (Tuscan coast, Rosignano Solvay, male) 3 median lobe of aedeagus, from left to right in ventral, dorsal and lateral view (Tuscan coast, Rosignano Solvay) 4 spermatheca (Tuscan coast, Rosignano Solvay). sc: sclerite of the internal sac. Scale bars: 2 mm (2); 1 mm (3); 0.2 mm (4).

  Part of: Violi M, D'Alessandro P, Biondi M (2021) Belarima violacea (Lucas, 1847) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae), a new genus and species for the European fauna. ZooKeys 1031: 125-131.