One of the tracked Lesser Black-backed Gulls (“Hans”, ring code: L906682), photographed near its nest in Zeebrugge on May 29, 2013 shortly after he was equipped with a tracker (device info serial: 861). Photo by Misjel Decleer, VLIZ photo gallery.

  Part of: Stienen EWM, Desmet P, Aelterman B, Courtens W, Feys S, Vanermen N, Verstraete H, Van de walle M, Deneudt K, Hernandez F, Houthoofdt R, Vanhoorne B, Bouten W, Buijs RJ, Kavelaars MM, Müller W, Herman D, Matheve H, Sotillo A, Lens L (2016) GPS tracking data of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls breeding at the southern North Sea coast. ZooKeys 555: 115-124.