Male palps to show absence (8–10) or presence (11–13) of the cymbial apical groove (a depression in the cymbium that cradles the tip of the embolus, marked with an arrow) 8 Lyssomanes taczanowskii Galiano, 1980 9 Cocalodes papuanus Simon, 1900 10 Depreissia myrmex Lessert, 1942 11 Tomocyrba ubicki Szűts & Scharff, 2009 12 Hispo sulcata Wanless, 1981 13 Phidippus audax (Hentz, 1845). Triangle marks base of median apophysis (ma).

  Part of: Maddison WP, Maddison DR, Zhang J, Szűts T (2016) Phylogenetic placement of the unusual jumping spider Depreissia Lessert, and a new synapomorphy uniting Hisponinae and Salticinae (Araneae, Salticidae). ZooKeys 549: 1-12.