Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree from 28S sequences, constrained as described in text. Branches labelled by bootstrap percentages from 500 replicates, with selected branches also showing (after “/”) bootstrap percentages for analysis with Eupoa and Agorius removed. Branch length of Agorius abridged to 50% of its actual length. Voucher specimen codes appended in brackets. Cocalodine, spartaeine and lapsiine lineages are colored as in Maddison et al. (2014). Stars mark clades constrained except for the freedom of Depreissia and Agorius.

  Part of: Maddison WP, Maddison DR, Zhang J, Szűts T (2016) Phylogenetic placement of the unusual jumping spider Depreissia Lessert, and a new synapomorphy uniting Hisponinae and Salticinae (Araneae, Salticidae). ZooKeys 549: 1-12.