Species of Potamonemus from southwestern Cameroon, dorsal view a largest adult male (CW 29 mm) of P. mambilorum from Mount Nlonako (ZMB Crust. 32428) b adult male (CW 28 mm) of P. mambilorum from small stream on Mount Manengouba (ZMB Crust. 30326) c adult male (CW 31 mm) of P. man sp. nov. from Bakossi National Park (ZMB Crust. 30328) d adult male, holotype (CW 25 mm) of P. man sp. nov. from Man Lake, Mount Manengouba (ZMB Crust. 30320). Scale bars: 13 mm (a), 13 mm (b), 14 mm (c), 11 mm (d).

  Part of: Ndongo PAM, von Rintelen T, Cumberlidge N (2021) A new species of the freshwater crab genus Potamonemus Cumberlidge & Clark, 1992 (Crustacea, Potamonautidae) endemic to the forested highlands of southwestern Cameroon, Central Africa. ZooKeys 1017: 127-141. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1017.60990